Solar Borehole Pump Kit Kit

March 27, 2020 2:14 pm Published by

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Solar Borehole Pump Kit Kit 500l @ 50m Max with built in controller and low level well sensor

The FCS Solar Borehole pump has a built in Controller and Dry well switch for easy installation. Just add 2 x 280w Solar panels and away you go. For best results not deeper than 50m @ 500l/hour estimated.


  • Built-in Controller
  • Low Wattage needed only 2 x 280w panels in Parallel
  • Low well switch

What do I need

  • 1 x FCS-SOL-BOR-0.37KW (incl in kit)
  • 2 X 280W Solar panels (incl in kit)
  • Jointing kit (not incl in set)
  • Cable (not incl in set)
  • Solar wire (not incl in set)
  • 25mmCl6 HDPE Pipe (not incl in set)

Run time:

  • as long as the sun shines

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